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6 points about supermarket lighting design

Mar 02 , 2022

Shoppers may be attracted by fresh fruits, vegetables, and produce or fresh and tangy flowers when they enter a supermarket. The food in the fresh section seems to beckon to customers. So, what are the principles of the lighting design in the fresh section of the supermarket?


Lighting is very important in supermarket design. Now customers into the supermarket is not only to meet their shopping needs, which requires the supermarket in addition to providing people with the needed goods, but also to create a comfortable leisure atmosphere so that customers linger. Different lighting effects often bring different psychological feelings to customers, thus affecting their shopping behavior. Therefore, supermarkets should reflect the characteristics of products through lighting, attract customers' eyes, make people feel the value of the displayed goods, enjoy the fun of shopping.

Lighting design in supermarket design should meet the following requirements in order to display the characteristics of goods, attract customers and beautify the indoor environment.

i. Lighting design should be considered in conjunction with interior design and shop design

ii. To illumination, brightness in the plane and space are appropriate configuration, so that general lighting, local key lighting, and decorative art lighting can be organic combination

iii. In order to express the specific light and color atmosphere of the business hall of different stores and shopping malls and the authenticity of goods or to emphasize the color display, three-dimensional sense and texture, the contrast between light and color, different color temperature and illumination requirements should be reasonably selected.


 ▲Bright and transparent and restore the freshness of fruits and vegetables to the maximum extent

For products in the fresh section of the supermarket, color is of course one of the main factors influencing customers' purchasing decisions. According to research conducted by the Seoul International Color Fair, 93 percent of customers ranked visual factors as the primary consideration when shopping, and 85 percent of shoppers believed color accounted for more than half of the consideration when buying products. In addition, the relevant color research institute found that 70-85% of customers' purchasing decisions are made in supermarkets.

Therefore, the supermarket lighting design, as the most important step of color presentation, plays a decisive role in supermarket sales, especially in the supermarket fresh food area. If the lighting in the fresh food section of the supermarket is properly designed, the fresh food will look very bright. The bright color makes them look fresh and very appetizing. If the lighting is not properly designed, the products in the fresh area will look dull and will be ignored without the impulse to buy.

Above, it is concluded that a good lighting design in the fresh area of supermarkets can improve the color and luster of food and promote customers to buy from the appearance. Color is the language of food freshness, with bold and vibrant hues that feel like freshly picked produce. Therefore, getting the right food light is crucial to conveying freshness.

The products in the fresh area of the supermarket: seafood, meat, vegetables and fruits, etc., no matter what the products are, customers want to see them in natural colors to check their actual freshness. However, the wrong lighting design will make the original bright colors look dull, and the freshness of the products will be greatly reduced. Therefore, the first principle of lighting design in the fresh area of supermarkets is to replicate the effect of natural light and restore the color of the products when they were just picked.

Specific in each area of the supermarket, different lighting equipment should be designed according to the characteristics of different goods:

    1.The lighting of shelf area


Shelf area is the top priority of the whole supermarket, lighting needs to take into account the brightness of aisle and shelf goods. Between aisles in the shelving area, the use of slot lights is sufficient to illuminate the opposite shelves, and is evenly distributed, from top to bottom will be bright.

But many supermarkets often can not take into account the lighting, only to achieve the "bright" standard, the goods on the shelf are very unfriendly, to a large extent will also affect the sales of goods.

The lighting design of the shelf area should be both horizontal and vertical lighting. At the same time, shelves are close to shelves, so shadows should be avoided as far as possible in supermarket lighting design. The shelf usually adopts fluorescent lamp bracket with a cover or grille lamp plate of the anti-glare series as the main lighting. Depending on the height of the shelf, different lighting methods such as light belts, points or vertical lighting are used.

Color temperature 4000-6000K, Ra > 80, illuminance 800 or so, and ensure that people in the light environment, in the normal field of vision should not appear objects with high brightness.

tips:Supermarkets usually have promotional areas, which should be 20% brighter than their surroundings.

    2. Cold zone lighting

Whether in the refrigerator or freezer, warm colors with high color rendering should be the main, frozen food get good lighting effect, so that customers have a good psychological effect of food is very fresh, so as to stimulate the strong desire for shopping. Lighting distance to ensure the frozen effect of food, as well as colorful brand packaging to show its bright color, on the corner of the freezer or the bottom of the food, you can use hidden line lamp lighting.

    3. Supermarket vegetable and fruit area lighting design

Reasonable color temperature, excellent fingering

Fruit and vegetable area is all fresh food, so the lighting design of fruit and vegetable area should not only consider the display of goods, but also consider the heat brought by lighting, too high heat lighting will cause fruit and vegetable water loss. Therefore, the light of fruit and vegetable area should choose the light with appropriate color temperature according to the demand, and at the same time, it should be equipped with a cold light source with high color rendering without ULTRAVIOLET and infrared radiation.


The color performance of apple under different color rendering index

The pure white lamplight effect can directly reflect the verdant vegetables and fruits. 3000K warm white is available for fruit and vegetable areas and comes in red, yellow, and dark colors. Green and light-colored vegetables usually use 4000K-5500K, and the color rendering index should be greater than 85.


    4. Fresh area lighting

 The fresh produce counter is the best place to display fresh meats, cakes, cheeses, fish and delicatessen. The use of food lighting professional technology, not only makes the quality of the food itself has been a good guarantee, but also to achieve a perfect display. Recessed grille lights incorporate innovative energy efficient lighting technology and blend perfectly above the fresh produce counter and in the ceiling. Flexible lighting brackets or decorative ceiling grille lighting can also make food in the fresh section look delicious.

High color temperature, high color rendering

The lighting design of the cooked food area should make meat products look fresh and clean, so it is suitable to use warm color light to make meat and poultry cooked food products attractive color, and better restore the quality of food. The cooked food area and the fruit and vegetable area also should pay attention to the lighting temperature control.

On the contrary, the fresh area can be illuminated by hidden LED linear lamps. The color temperature must be 3000K, the average illuminance is 300lux, and the illuminance in key areas is above 500lx.


Use light to maximize the freshness of food

If you don't know the standard color temperature for fresh vegetables and fruits in supermarkets, take a look at this graphic:


    5. Promotion area lighting

On the one hand, the promotion area is set up to improve the sales of goods through the way of making profits. On the other hand, it is to attract customers' attention and leave the impression of "this supermarket is very affordable" to customers, laying a foundation for their repeated visits to the supermarket. Therefore, the display of goods in the promotion area must attract the high attention of customers in the first time. In addition to the display of products, lighting is responsible for capturing the customer's attention. Generally speaking, the brightness of the promotion area should be 20% higher than the surrounding environment.

    6. Supermarket entrance lighting and cashier desk lighting


A unique lighting design at the entrance of a supermarket store will create an atmosphere that customers can be attracted to from a distance, especially on a brightly lit thoroughfare. If the supermarket itself is not prominent, special high-brightness design can be made for the entrance of these stores, so that they stand out from the shadow of the background and attract the attention of passers-by.

Being able to see is the most important thing for both the cashier and the customer. Advanced lighting technology allows cashiers to focus on their work for hours without feeling tired, and ensures that customers can clearly read the activities or reminders at the checkout counter.